Granulate container 450 liter

This mobile granulate container is a storage for granulate or additives for the manufacture of plastic products. By connecting a vacuum transport line to the upright pipe ont the side, material can be sucked out of the granulate container.


  • The adjustable tube at the bottom ensures optimum suction of the material through the connected vaccum tranport line;
  • The castors allow for easy movement without tools;
  • The lid provides a nicely closed compartment so that other materials do not deliberately end up in it;
  • The grid serves to place the bags, after which they can be cut open and the material ends up in the container;
  • The slide at the bottom is for cleaning when using other materials;
  • The number of tubes is freely selectable. This number can have consequences for the optimal emptying of the container;
  • The whole is made of stainless steel with as few loose parts as possible!

The available storage capacity is 110 and 450 litres.

More information

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