Pre sorting solution (Norway)

In Norway we have delivered our pre-sorting solution for separating reyclable materials from the big and large “hard-to-handle” pieces.

Instead of picking objects with the gripper one-by-one, you can throw “everything” in the bunker and the 3D Drumscreen will sort the suitable pieces.

The delivery consists of following equipment:

-One steelplate bunker and feeder SKS 1800 to feed the 3D Drumscreen;

-One 3D Drumscreen TRZ2800/5 with holes Ø 530mm;

-One discharge conveyor RB 1400 for fines;

-One discharge conveyor RB 2000 for coarse.

The recyclable materials (fines) will be further threated on the existing sorting line.

The maximum screensize for this 3D Drumscreen TRZ2800 is Ø 530mm. Due to the 3D system, long and tall (> 1.000 mm) parts will not end up in the recyclable fraction. It will increase the availability and capacity of the post sorting line!

The capacity of this pre-sorting solution is of course depending on material composition and type, but the process is better in control compared with a driver on a mobile crane. Indicative we speak about 45 ton/hour, but it is better to ask for specifications!

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