Sorting drums

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Sorting drums

Busschers manufacturers sorting drums in various lengths, diameters and materials. A 3D Sorting Drum is a special version of a sorting drum. The advantage of the patented design is that the machine can sort in three dimensions. Sorting drums are used to separate a stream of different materials. The sorting drums of Busschers offer the opportunity to separate multiple fraction sizes in a single sorting drum using different sizes of holes in the sieve decks.

3D Sorting Drum

The 3D Sorting Drum is a unique patented sorting drum. The construction is developed in such a way that is not possible for hard long parts to end up in smaller fractions. As a result, better separation results are achieved in subsequent sorting steps, including purity and less interference by clamps. As a result, the Windshifters of Busschers can also be deployed more efficiently. This increases the availability of the sorting plant and the purity of separation.

Presorting drum

The 3D Sorting Drum can also be used as a presorting drum. A presorting drum is used in the beginning of the sorting process in order to effectively sort by size. During the presorting process, large and long parts are removed from the construction and demolition waste. That is neccessary because the maximum dimensions of the material that can be processed in a sorting installation is limited. The deployment of a presorting drum in a sorting installation ensures a higher sorting efficiency of the installation:

  1. Fewer disturbances because large parts do not end up in the rest of the sorting process. This reduces system downtime and therefore increases the production time.
  2. Higher sorting efficiency, because of increasing capacity. Where previously the large parts were, there is now room for smaller parts.
  3. Pure fractions because of a wider view on the inspection belt. In addition, it prevends the sorter for throwing a large pile of mixed materials in the dump section at one time.

In addition, a presorting drum has several advantages over a mobile crane:

  1. Fewer and simpler presorting work by a mobile crane, which in some cases has led to a reduction of a mobile crane.
  2. Improved presorting by a presorting drum compared to a mobile crane.


The sorting drum is made according to customers’ specific needs. In consultation with the customer, the diameter and the length of the sorting drum is determined. In addition, the application of the 3D principle is checked. With regard to the sieve decks the diameter(s) of the holes and the type of material is determined. Also color and any other desired options will be discussed in consultation with the customer.

A complete machine

The sorting drum can be delivered with a support structure, housing, funnel and inspection platform. If desired, everything will be custom connected. That makes the sorting drum a complete product that fits in any installation!

Sample projects

Busschers has developed and produced several sorting drums, including:

  • Sorting drum for compost/green waste; capacity 15 tons per hour
  • 8-sided sorting drum for industrial waste; capacity 25 tons per hour
  • 3D Sorting Drum for construction and demolition waste; capacity 50 tons per hour
  • Presorting Drum for construction and demolition waste; capacity 75 tons per hour

The 3D Sorting Drum can be found in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United States.


TypeDiameter (mm)Length (mm)Holes (mm)Capacity (ton/hr.)Application
TRZ 1500150030005010Separation by size
TRZ 2400240062507020Separation by size
TRZ 28002800750029050Separation by size
TRZ 35003500750050075Separation by size, presorting without crane
TRZ 1500 RVS1500300024Washing/rinsing of materials

The advantages of the sorting drum:

  • Fits in every installation
  • 3D principle ensures homogeneous fractions
  • All desired screen sizes available
  • Seperate several fraction sizes in a single sorting drum
  • Interchangeable screen decks