Always a sorting solution

Recycling technology

Are you looking for a sorting solution that perfectly fits your needs and requirements? Then, Busschers is your right partner. For over 20 years we focus on innovative and unique products for the recycling industry. We are an experienced partner that supports you in every phase of the process, from product development to maintenance.

From individual components to turn-key sorting plants

Busschers develops and manufactures turn-key sorting plants. The different parts of a sorting plant can also be delivered as individual components. Busschers focuses mainly on sorting solutions for processing construction and demolition waste, industrial waste and organic waste. Next to the patented 3D Sorting Drum and the in-house developed and produced Windshifters, we offer conveyor belts, funnels and accompanying construction.

 Within the recycling industry, the efficiency of the sorting plant is of great importance. Herein, important factors are availability, functionality and durability. A combination of experience, knowledge and creativity enables Busschers to deliver products that meet these requirements.

A good preparation…

First, we consider your specific wishes and ideas regarding terrain classification, size, logistical lines and the amount and kind of material that has to be processed. This is the basis of the ‘needs analysis’, in which your specific wishes and ideas are transformed into solutions. The end result is a flow scheme, in which the total handling process is schematically being mapped.

Support in every phase of the process

Busschers not only supports in the development and manufacturing of sorting solutions, but in the whole process.  We install the products and where required we maintain the products in optimal condition. We also give instructions and advice to get the optimal results from the machine or sorting plant.

Want to view a project on site?

We can inform and advice you extensively about our products. But, we rather show what the possibilities are. We gladly give you a tour on one of our projects. A good way to show our capabilities.

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