Turn-key sorting plants

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Turn-key sorting plants

Recycling of waste is becoming more commonplace in our society. The sorting of ‘waste’ leads to a stream of valuable materials that can be reused, saving our earth by reducing the extraction of raw materials.

Over 20 years’ experience

Busschers has more than 20 years’ experience engineering, manufacturing and installing sorting machines for different waste streams. Next to that, Busschers also provides maintenance and service or the execution of material tests.

Busschers has delivered sorting plants for different material streams, such as:

  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Plastic materials
  • Metals
  • Organic materials

Around the world

We have delivered complete sorting plants in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our sorting drums are deployed in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United States.

Some examples of turn-key projects are:

  • Metal processing plant, capacity 2 ton per hour
  • Plastic processing plant, capacity 2 ton per hour
  • Construction and demolition waste separation plant, capacity 45 ton per hour

In-house development and manufacturing

In early years we mainly focused on manufacturing construction and demolition sorting plants. Construction and demolition waste consist mostly of sand, wood, debris, metal, plastic and residue. The composition of this type of waste is changed the last few years. The technique used for sorting construction and demolition waste shows great similarities compared to sorting industrial waste. Other types of material can also be sorted, depending on specific needs.

The capacity of the installation is among other things, dependent on input, composition of materials and desired purity.


Sorting plants delivered by Busschers are durable and therefore have a long life span. Next to that, we always focus on the functionality and efficiency of the installation. A combination of creativity, knowledge and experience enables us to deliver products that meet these requirements.


Safety is an important issue in the design of the product. A safe and sound operation of the machine is necessary. Video, sound and light signals ensure the communication between the operator and the machine. Moving parts are made inaccessible to unauthorized persons by barriers and fences. We provide sorting plants according to current guidelines.

Pleasant work environment

Increasing laws and regulations regarding to labor and environment places increasingly higher quality requirements to the materials that are used. The solutions of Busschers contribute to a pleasant work environment. The application of air treatment (refreshing, heating and cooling) and effective isolation measures in sorting cabins are some examples. With regard to manual sorting, adjustable shelves ensure that each employee can work at ideal height. Plate edges of successive conveyors connected to overflow funnels, in combination with extraction, ensure less dust. A comprehensive preparation and detailed height determination of structures ensures equal step height.

The benefits of Busschers

  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • Products with a long life span
  • One partner, from product development to maintenance
  • Developer of patented products
  • Custom-made sorting solutions