Press braking

Metal fabrication
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Press braking

Busschers has several press brakes. Press braking means that sheet metal is formed into angles, trays, bowls, or other 3D shapes. We also have the ability to perform straightening work. The materials we handle include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, corten and wear-resistant steel.

Extensive possibilities

We have a press brake that can bend a 10 mm thick sheet metal over a length of 6 meters. An impressive machine that offers us a wide variety of possibilities. The required force is of course dependent on the material that is used and the specific wishes of the customer.

Auxiliary tools

A wide range of auxiliary tools, hardened blocks and knives, together with the experience and expertise of our employees makes it possible for us to manufacture unique products. Furthermore, we do not hesitate to develop and manufacture new, not commercially available, auxiliary tools.

Product examples

Examples of products that we can manufacture:

  • Different profiles (e.g. L, U, Z or C)
  • Metal transitions: round on square / excentric / concentric
  • Trays
  • Metal plating
  • Bowls

Plate processing

MaterialThickness (mm)Width (mm)
Press brakingSteel S 235106.000
Stainless steel 304103.600
ShearingSteel S 235123.000
Stainless steel 304103.000