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Windshifters are used to suck light materials from a material stream. One application is the extraction of paper and plastic from a waste stream. The advantage of extraction is the reduction of dust emissions. Behind the Windshifter a filter is installed that cleans the exhausted air (strips it of fabric), whereupon the air is drained outside a building. The use of controlled fans provides an automatic adjustment of the required amount of air in the machine.

In-house developed

Busschers has developed several Windshifters. The difference with conventional windshifters is the use of vacuum.

Busschers offers two types of Windshifters, depending on capacity, input material and desired result. Those are the Rotary Valve shifter and the Horizontal Shifter. All Windshifters are delivered with piping, material separator, cleaning system and filter box. Windshifters can be installed in various (small) places. The various components are connected by pipework, but can be placed at any desired location.

Overview Windshifters

TypeSize of fraction (mm)Dimensions Air volume (m3)Power of machine (kW)Application
CRS 600< 150 Ø 600 x 80017.500 30Separation of light fraction
CRS 1200< 500Ø 1200 x 80025.00035Separation of light fraction
CRS 1500< 1000Ø 1500 x 100035.00066Separation of light fraction
HS 1500500 – 15001500 x 400050.00075Separation of light fraction

The advantages of the Windshifters

  • No air and material in environment because of the use of vacuum
  • Environment shifter needs less maintenance
  • Adjustable air flow / speed

Rotary Valve Shifter

The Rotary Valve Shifter is particularly suitable for small materials with a length up to 150 mm. The percentage relative to the input that has to be extracted is low (less than 25%). The Rotary Valve Shifter can process about 10 tons of waste per hour.

Windshifters - Busschers

Horizontal Shifter

The Horizontal Shifter is applied over transfer points of conveyor belts. Using a clever construction, air is sucked trough the construction of the conveyor belts and along the material. The light materials are extracted and the heavy materials fall onto the next conveyor belt. The Horizontal Shifter is used to separate fractions with a length of more than 500 mm. The Horizontal Shifter has a capacity of 15 tons of waste per hour.