Tube bending

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Tube bending

Busschers has several tube bending machines, from traditional to fully CNC controlled machines. We also have several bending blocks to a maximum diameter of 60.3 mm (2”). We have the most common tubes in stock, which enables us to guarantee short delivery times. We manufacture from single products up to small production runs, in steel or stainless steel.

Mandrel bends

Mandrel bending means that the bend in a profile (often a tube) is made using an internal mandrel. As a result, the roundness of the tube is better preserved. Bending a curve can be an alternative for the application of welded bends. It is possible to bend multiple curves in a profile, depending on design and capabilities of the machine.

Product examples

Examples of products that we can manufacture:

  • Fences
  • Handrails
  • Brackets
  • Pipes
  • Frames

Tube diameter and bending radius

To each set of tools belongs a certain tube diameter and bending radius. In the attachment below, you will find an overview of bending tools and the accompanying bending radius and clamp length. Please provide the measurements of the drawings according to the attachment. These data can be entered directly into the machine.

Bending measures (pdf, 351 kb)

Available bending blocks

Ø 14,0 mmØ 17,2 mm
Ø 21,3 mmØ 25,0 mm
Ø 26,9 mmØ 33,7 mm
Ø 38,0 mmØ 42,4 mm
Ø 48,3 mmØ 60,3 mm