Plate rolling

Metal fabrication
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Plate rolling

Busschers is a specialist when it comes to plate rolling. Plate rolling machines turn sheet metal into (part of) a cylinder. We are able to roll plates with a maximum width of 4,000 mm and/or maximum thickness of 80 mm. The capacity of the plate rolling machines is dependent on the sheet width, the type of material and the desired size. We can combine plate rolling with cutting the plate to the right size or applying welding edges.

Rolling of sheet metal with beveled edges

We have extensive experience rolling sheet metal with beveled edges. Contact us for more information and specifications.

Product examples

Examples of products that we can manufacture:

  • Cylinders and pumps
  • Bowls
  • Screen decks
  • Exterior of façade, buoy or bridge


The materials we can roll include:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Wear-resistant steel
  • Thermplates
  • Alubond

Rolling of metal sheets

In the table below you will find the maximum sheet metal thickness and width that we can roll.

MaterialThickness (mm)Width (mm)
Plate rollingSteel
Stainless steel154.000
CNC plate rollingBright steel, aluminium, stainless steel63.000