Section bending

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Section bending

Busschers has section bending machines that roll strips, profiles, beams and rod material to the desired size. The rolls are made of hardened steel. For a couple of tube diameters we have plastic rolls, so that the risk of damage is greatly reduced. Basically, it is possible to roll any material, when it has the right deformation characteristics.

A lot of experience

We have great experience with section bending, especially steel profiles. For example, we rolled an IPE 300 with a diameter of 18,000 mm on the strong side. The capacity of the profile bending machine is determined by the desired deformation, the material, the shape and the kind of profile.

Product examples

Examples of products that we can manufacture:

  • Handrails (with size guarantee)
  • Spirals
  • Frame parts
  • Curved beams
  • Pipes

Roll capacity

You will find an overview of the roll capacity by type of profile in the attachment below.

Roll capacity (pdf, 316kb)

Stringers and handrails

We developed a unique production method that enables us to manufacture precisely stringers and handrails, with a measure control on radius, riser and tread. As a result, we can guarantee that the product you receive fits.

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Tube clockwise ascending (pdf, 285kb)

Tube counterclockwise ascending (pdf, 285kb)

Flat strip clockwise ascending (pdf, 287kb)

Flat strip counterclockwise ascending (pdf, 290kb)

Standing strip clockwise ascending (pdf, 154kb)

Standing strip counterclockwise ascending (pdf, 186kb)