3D Sorting Drum (2021)

In the spring of 2021, we delivered this 3D Sorting Drum for construction and demolition waste. The delivery concerned a sorting drum with conveyor belts for the supply and removal of the materials. The construction with stairs and landings was in-house developed, manufactured and provided with a protective layer – and assembled on site.

Different techniques in a sorting plant separate a material flow into different fractions. Our patented 3D Sorting Drum offers not only sieving by length, but also the possibility to separate several fraction sizes in one drum. The 3D Sorting Drum in this installation has 3 different fraction sizes. The screen decks are interchangeable, which ensures great flexibility and a long service life of the installation. The fall-through restriction in the 3D Sorting Drum ensures that hard, long parts cannot end up in a small fraction.

This 3D Sorting Drum has a screen length of 13.75 meters and a screen diameter of 4 meters. The sieving drum is 4.85 meters high and 16.85 meters long in total. The installation weighs more than 50,000 kilograms.