Construction sorting trommel TRZ3500

The Sorting Drum TRZ3500 was placed in an existing sorting plant. The sorting trommel is used in the beginning of the sorting process in order to separate the waste stream into different fraction sizes. That process was until then carried out by two mobile cranes. The photos show briefly the process from production to end-product.

Photo 1 shows the basic structure of the TRZ3500. The sorting trommel has a sieve diamater of 3.5 meters and a sieve length of 7.5 meters.  On photo 2, the inlet of the sorting trommel under construction. Cutting and rolling of the plates, welding and assembling are carried out in-house. The necessary conveyor belts (photo 3) are also manufactured in-house. On photo 4 the TRZ3500, ready for transport. Spraying in the desired color is also carried out by ourselves. The last photo shows the sorting trommel in the current sorting plant.

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