First sorting plant in China

Not only in the Netherlands, but also in China are raw materials and (building) land becoming more and more expensive. This increases the interest in recycling materials in China. Busschers has installed the very first sorting plant for construction and demolition waste in the country. A first step towards better recycling in China.

The process

The process started about 2 years ago when a delegation from Jiangsu LVHE Environmental Technology Co visited Busschers. When the order actually arrived at the beginning of 2017, the machines could be developed and produced at Busschers in Haaksbergen (NL). In September 2017, the first containers were loaded with parts that went to China. Installation of the sorting installation started in December 2017 and was successfully completed in May 2018. Many tons are now being processed on this sorting installation.

Sorting plant

A sorting plant is used to separate different materials from each other. The sorting plant that we have built in China is intended for construction and demolition waste. This waste usually consists of sand, wood, rubble, metal, plastic and residue. Drum sieves are used to separate material flows in different fraction sizes. Windshifters are used to extract light materials, such as plastic and paper, from the material flow. Furthermore, the wood and metal are removed from the material stream in various steps. In the final step, the materials can be sorted by manual or robot separation.

The sorting plant that we have installed in Changzhou, 300 km west of Shanghai, can process around 80 tonnes of waste per hour. The installation is approximately 80 meters long, 20 meters wide and 15 meters high and consists of a 3D Sorting Drum, flex deck drum screen, wind shifters, robot sorters, conveyor belts, funnels and associated construction.

On the photos the sorting plant under construction. Last photo director Jarno Busschers with a delegation from the Chinese company.