Rotary Valve Shifter

Photo 1: Rotary Valve Shifter with extraction channel for light fraction. Situated directly behind a sieve to suck the light fraction from the material flow (15-70 mm).

Photo 2: Rotary Valve Shifter fraction 70-180 mm. Heavy fraction is drained at the bottom, the light fraction is sucked up into the material separator (not visible).

Photo 3: Rotary Valve Shifter with piping and material separator. Top right the pipe for dusty air, at the bottom the rotary feeder for continuous drain of light fraction.

Photo 4: Overview of the entire air system. Rotary Valve Shifter, piping, material separator, rotary feeder, filler box, cleaning fan. Applicable for extraction of light fraction from a material flow 15-70 mm.

Photo 5: Platform on material separator for inspection and maintenance of the system.