Presorting Drum TRZ3500

On August 12, 2015 the new Presorting Drum TRZ3500 was put into operation at Baetsen in Son. The presorting drum is developed and produced completely in-house. The deployment of a presorting drum in a sorting installation has several advantages and increases the sorting efficiency of the installation.

  1. Fewer disturbances because large parts do not end up in the rest of the sorting process. This reduces system downtime and therefore increases the production time.
  2. Higher sorting efficiency, because of increasing capacity. Where previously the large parts were, there is now room for smaller parts.
  3. Pure fractions because of a wider view on the inspection belt. In addition, it prevends the sorter for throwing a large pile of mixed materials in the dump section at one time.

In addition, a presorting drum has several advantages over a mobile crane:

  1. Fewer and simpler presorting work by a mobile crane, which in some cases has led to a reduction of a mobile crane.
  2. Improved presorting by a presorting drum compared to a mobile crane.

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