Social responsibility

About Busschers

Busschers is aware of its social responsibility. Therefore we support various initiatives and organizations. Especially regional organizations and projects are in favor. Just like projects that introduce technology to children.

Kies Techniek (Choose Technology)

The goal of this project is to make scholars aware of the technology that is surrounding them. Next to that, the project Juniorentechniek from the Stichting Kulturhus ‘t Iemenschoer foundation in Haaksbergen tries to interest these students to choose a technical study. A very good initiative supported by Busschers.

Stichting HEIM  (Heim foundation)

Stichting Hengelo’s Educatief Industrie Museum (HEIM) is a real DIY museum for children. Here they discover that technology is all around them. In addition, the museum tries to make the children enthusiastic about technology. Reasons enough for Busschers to support the Heim foundation.


The work of charities is very important to give certain people a helping hand. That is why Busschers supports the following charities:

  • Stichting Jeugdzorgwerk Nederland
  • Stichting voor geestelijke en maatschappelijke Welzijn Gehandicapten Zorg (SWGN)

Regional projects
We are also aware of our regional social position. Hence, Busschers supports a number of regional associations and organizations: