Mission and vision

About Busschers

Busschers develops and manufactures custom metal products. We focus on two markets, namely metal fabrication and the recycling industry. We strive to be a reliable partner that comes forward with the best solution for every customer. We always act according to our Dutch background; reliable, personal and with common-sense.

“As metal fabricator we want to be a respected partner that is known for its problem-solving ability and creativity. Through distinctive and innovative sorting solutions we seek to grow within the recycling industry.”

The core philosophy

To develop and deliver custom metal products, creativity is required. But creativity on its own is not enough. It is very important that the focus is also on the functionality and durability of the products. Our way of thinking and working is therefore based on these three basic principles.


A pleasant and healthy cooperation ultimately yields the best results. The accessibility of our organization encourages personal contact with the customer. This is necessary to think along well and be able to come up with solutions that actually help the customer.


Busschers delivers almost all products based on specific customer requirements. This results in smaller production runs. It is therefore important that an organization is very flexible. Through years of experience manufacturing in small production runs, our organization is designed to ensure short turnaround times and fast delivery times.