History in a nutshell

About Busschers

Busschers exists for over 40 years. Alfons Busschers founded the company in 1973 in a garage behind a bakery in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands.  Meanwhile Busschers has become a solid company with over 30 employees. An innovative view on metalworking proved to be a very successful strategy.

  • The early years

    Alfons Busschers decides to start his own company in 1973, because he is not getting enough satisfaction from his current job. It gives him the opportunity to use his creativity and urge to develop in the assignments that he gets from his customers. He is convinced that the next step in metalworking is made by creative thinking and working.

  • The first business premise

    Initially Alfons works on assignments that match the tools available. But soon the assignments become bigger, which makes it necessary for him to take on staff. In addition, the small company moves to its first ‘real’ business premise on the Industriestraat in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands. Busschers continues to grow in the years that follow.

  • Development of profile bending machine

    The first steps in mechanical engineering are made in 1979. Busschers develops and manufactures a profile bending machine, also known as ‘toogbank’.

  • Metal fabricator

    Busschers expands his activities as metal fabricator, to be able to serve more companies. Besides steel structures Busschers also focuses on various other activities within the field of metalworking.

  • Automation and mechanical engineering

    In 1988 Busschers moves to a new premise on the Nijverheidsstraat in Haaksbergen, where it is still situated. Busschers focuses not only on metalworking anymore, but also on automation and mechanical engineering. Within automation the project administration software called Datawin is developed. This software is specially designed for metal companies. Within the department mechanical engineering a revolutionary bending machine with horizontal divided tools is developed.

  • Recycling technology

    Busschers starts focusing on the recycling industry in 1994. Expertise gained from mechanical engineering is used to develop machines for the recycling industry. Busschers focuses mainly on the development and production of sorting solutions for construction, demolition, industrial and organic waste.

  • 3D Sorting Drum

    Busschers develops revolutionary products such as the 3D Sorting Drum and the Busschers Windshifters. The 3D Sorting Drum is a unique patented drum sieve, which makes it possible to sort three dimensional. The first 3D Sorting Drum is manufactured in 1997.

  • New premise on Tolstraat

    As a result of further growth, a new premise with offices and production halls is taken into use in 1998. In this premise, located on the Tolstraat in Haaksbergen, the department automation and the production of the profile bending machine are accommodated.

  • Focus on metalworking and recycling technology

    In 2003 the strategic decision to focus on metalworking and recycling technology, as the two core-businesses, is made. The departments automation and mechanical engineering are sold. Because of stricter environmental legislation and lack of space, the production hall is expanded with a paint shop in 2005.

  • A new generation

    The second generation takes over in 2004, after the sudden death of the founder. The years that follow mainly lead to a successful continuation of the business activities.

  • New developments

    Over the coming years we are committed to a pleasant and healthy cooperation with our customers, using the slogan: ‘Busschers makes more out of metal’. We will continue to develop further, so keep an eye on us!